USA Science and Engineering Festival EXPO

Dear Friends of FAS,

FAS is a partner with the USA Science and Engineering Festival.  The Festival was a big success, drawing 500,000 people to the Mall for 2 straight days last year.  It was huge!  See my video from last year; there were tons of people eager to talk science.  We gave away 4000 info cards last year.

**We need two kinds of volunteers this year!**

This year the Expo will be in the convention center.  April 28-29, Saturday & Sunday with a few sneak peek hours on that Friday.  There are 1000 booths and hands on things to do.   The FAS booth needs some volunteers so that our booth can be hands on, too!!

Saturday April 28, 2012—First shift   9:30 – 11:30—Second shift   11:00 – 3:00—Third shift 3:00 – 6:00

Sunday April 29, 2012—First shift 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM—Second 12:30-4:30

Please email Mary Kate Cunningham (mcunningham at FAS dot org) if you would like to learn more about volunteering in our booth!


There will be a place to learn about a career in science: the “Career Pavilion.”  The “Encounters with Scientists” is the area, inside the career pavilion, where anyone can come talk to actual scientists!  The Encounters with Scientists area will have a different theme each hour.  FAS will host an hour of Science Policy and Education experts.

April 29th, Sunday at 11AM is our hour.  Meet at 10:45, finished at 11:50.

Description of the FAS hour at Encounters with Scientists:

Who decides how clean our water should be? Who decides if your dental instruments are safe? Who decides what is displayed in the Museum of Natural History? Are video games a good educational tool? Well, “experts” decide, of course. So, how do I get to be an expert? What training do I need? Who hires me? And what do I do all day? Come and talk to our science policy and science education experts and find out for yourself.


Please contact Melanie Stegman (mstegman at FAS dot org) for more information about being a part of our Encounters with Scientists hour!

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4 thoughts on “USA Science and Engineering Festival EXPO

  1. Nev Dalton


    I would like to volunteer for the 28-29th Annual science Fair in Washington.

    I look forward to hear from you.


    Nev Dalton

  2. Nev Dalton

    I want to make a comment about the Bubble gum being offered as a game prize at the FAS stand next April. I suggest to change the bubble gum inspite of how appealing it may be with the public for any other kind of prize give away, which could be a pencil with an eraser , a pen, a pencil sharpner. Why? Because the bubble gum, will not stick in people mouths, but be littered out on the streets, giving a bad image. Who will be responsible for rosy bubble gum that day on Washingtons streets if everyone was a winner of the games, FAS! P.S. You mentioned 500,000 visitors.



    I would like to volunteer for the 28-29th Annual science Fair in Washington

    bt there is problem that i m from india how i will reach there..does any travell facilities u will provide



    1. melanie Post author

      Hi Divya! Thank you for writing. I wish I had some funds to bring you here. But we do not have any money at all. Everyone is volunteering their time. I am sorry!

      Do you have any science festivals in Jharkhand? I saw a really neat science park in Kolkata, India. I remember really big dinosaurs that we could see from across town.

      I think our interests in science and exploration is common to people growing up every country. I hope you find something to do for science in your own state. I am sure someone would appreciate your help starting a garden, tutoring younger kids or working in a lab….



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