Stop reading this post

And go get this free download.

Parents no longer have an excuse not to know what is up with video games these days.  Parents and teachers can also see what GOOD things video games can do!

Seriously, stop reading this and go get the download.  Stop back to discuss it if you’d like, though!





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3 thoughts on “Stop reading this post

    1. melanie Post author

      Dear JDP,
      Thanks for reading my blog! I am glad you keep up with me, and I am sorry that my lazy blog post was not compatible with your text only blog receiving method. This post in particular is just to announce the release of a report on video games that contains tons of information about what games are…. and I don’t really have anything cogent to add to it at the moment, aside form the fact that many parents, teachers and school admin are curious and need good info about games.
      Please keep reading and please keep commenting!

  1. Iwan Suki

    Hi Melanie, The information that you provided looks great to me.
    I was always searching what benefit that games can provide. Finally, I found your blog.
    Thank you for the valuable information. Keep posting Melanie.


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