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What is going on at FAS Learning Tech?

Here are a few places where you can hear Melanie Stegman speaking about Immune Attack2 development, how to use Immune Attack in a classroom and how learning games (should optimally) get made.  Melanie is also very interested in getting feedback from teachers, so if you are at any other these events, step up and say hey.   Or send an email.  Leaving a comment is nice, too.

Invited Speaker
Harrisburg University Pitch Workshop
October 19th, 2011

Invited Speaker
eTech Ohio
Feb 13-15, 2012 Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH
eTech Ohio hosts the third largest state educational technology conference in the country where more than 6,500 educational innovators gather once a year and share their successes and challenges with one another. The conference is an opportunity for educators to honestly share their experiences—what works, and what doesn’t—for the benefit of their peers.
**I will be presenting Immune Attack 2 to teachers in a presentation and getting their feedback in all day workshops.**